3 Free Tools to Help Build Your Presence on Twitter

“What tools should I use to build my Twitter account?”

I hear this all the time. People sign up for a Twitter account but they’re not sure “how to get started”. What they usually mean is they don’t know how to build a following on Twitter that is relevant and they want to know what tools they can use to make this happen seamlessly. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that there are lots of tools out there (many of which are free) that can help you build your presence on Twitter.

And the bad news? The bad news is that while the tools may help improve your efficiency and the time you spend on this it’s still going to take time. If it’s not taking you any time then you’re doing it wrong and I would seriously question the value of the presence that you’ve grown there.

It will take time but there are tools to make sure that the time you spend on this is used wisely. Here are three  actions you can take to build your presence on Twitter and corresponding tools that are both free and  easy to use.

Tweet More 

Yes, it’s as simple and as difficult as that–tweet more. If you want to be found on Twitter you need to tweet more interesting, relevant content. What’s your purpose on Twitter? Are you a sustainable energy expert hoping to showcase your expertise on the platform? Tweet more content and information about sustainable energy. Be seen as a valuable news source on the topic. Tweetdeck

You’re not always going to be able to to be on Twitter when your target audience is on the platform so you will need a content scheduling tool to help you schedule content in advance. Use a tool like Tweetdeck. It’s free, it is simple to use and you can schedule content out in advance. When you find something interesting online to share on Twitter schedule it in Tweetdeck so that you are sharing content throughout the day increasing the chances that someone see is. Tweetdeck is a great tool to get familiar with because it’s owned by Twitter and is probably less likely to disappear unlike many other scheduling tools.

Seek Out Conversations

Embedle LogoSeeking out conversations on Twitter with like-minded users is going to be one of the most effective ways to build your audience. Embedle is going to be your best friend partner in crime in doing this. Download embedle in your toolbar and as you’re reading your normal industry related articles or come across something interesting online click the embedle button to see what other users are saying about the article on Twitter. Respond to people whose comment you agree with or spark a conversation with someone who had an unexpected opinion on the matter. This is going to help you find users who are following the same topics you are and help you be seen as someone who doesn’t just pump out content but also engages in conversations. You are going to love Embedle.

Do What the ‘Influencers’ Do

ImageI’m starting to despise the word “influencer” because the term is so overused but identifying Twitter users who seem to be doing something “right” and emulating them is going to be a key to your ability to build your presence. Klout is going to help you do this. Klout measures influence online based on a user’s ability to drive action rating influence from 1-100 (100 being the most influential). Let’s save the discussion about people gaming an algorithm that Klout uses and focus on the fact that those with a high Klout score are likely doing something right here in terms of building an engaged following on Twitter. What are they doing right? Find Twitter users on Klout who are experts in the subject area where you’re trying to build out your Twitter presence and study what they’re doing on Twitter. How often do they tweet? Are they mostly sharing links to content or something else? Find the content they’re sharing that seems to driving the most action (replies, retweets, favorites) and implement this in your own strategy.

Have more ideas to build an audience on Twitter? Share them in the link below.


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